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First and foremost, we are collectors too.  Perhaps we have been collecting longer than you because we remember a time before collected trade paperbacks and online auctions.  We remember waiting until Saturday and then trying to convince our mom to drive us around to four or five different comic stores, all the while searching for one particular issue that we had missed… or hadn’t cut enough lawns to buy it when it had come out originally.  The thrill of hunting through back issue bins and the possibility of unearthing that one rare gem that every other kid in town had somehow missed.  Swapping comics with your buddies and always regretting that day you swapped your Hulk #181 for New Teen Titans #1 (it was a hot title at the time!).  Perhaps one of the big differences is that our mom never gave away our comics to the little neighbour kid, which means we have a great collection of both new and old comics, toys, and lots of other pop culture collectibles.

We Have Issues opened in November 2014 with a mandate to bring back some of that excitement that we had experienced as collectors when we were young.  Aside from an amazing collection of older key issues we also carry 1000s of back issues as well as current comics and toys (you can invest many Saturday hours scouring through our well organized and clean back issue bins).  We have unbelievable discounts for new comic file customers (just in case you didn’t cut enough lawns this week).  And we have a customer friendly consignment program for file customers (to avoid any more questionable swaps).

As collectors, we wanted to create a clean, well-organized store that we would want to shop at and a community that shared our passion.  Obviously we are new to the comic book store scene and are always interested in your feedback.  Please feel free to drop us a line with a comment or suggestion at info@wehaveissues.ca.