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Pressing removes minor defects from comic books, such as dents, folds and bends to make the comic appear flatter and less flawed. Pressing will often enhance the appearance of a comic book.

Comic pressing removes slight non-color-breaking defects in a comic book through non-restorative techniques in order to improve its appearance. Paul Charabin, owner of WHI, has pressed various types comic books in his career, including but not limited to treasuries, golden through bronze through current, magazine format, video game packaging, toy packaging, and has even pressed vintage comic retail signage!

How do you press? It’s a process we have spent hundreds of hours developing through research, testing, and pressing hundreds of comics. We strive to make sure every technique is safe for the short and long term. Our pressing process does not involve disassembly, nor do we use abrasive materials like chemicals, nor do we perform any work that is considered restoration. The end result is undetectable, with each comic exhibiting a fresh, untouched look and feel.

Good defects (do not break color) Bad defects



Light creases

Minor spine stresses

Impacted corners or edges

Slight warping

Ripples (with no stains present)

Spine rolls


Stacking bends

Light cover impressions

Light pencil marks (usually in white areas)


Creases that break color

Missing chips or pieces



Detached staples or staple tears

Spine stresses that break color


Fingerprints or smudges

Dust shadows or sun shadows

Rusted staples or rust stains

Rounded or blunted corners

Pen markings or printer ink

Cover veins

Brown or brittle cover or pages

Once you’ve read through the information above and you’re ready to submit, simply go to the submission page and follow the instructions.

We Have Issues loves comics and by pressing them we can make comics great again!

Here are a few examples of how pressing a comic can increase it’s grade. Click on an image to view the details.




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