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Although placing a readable comic in a sealed plastic case may seem odd to some, We Have Issues are not here to judge your collecting needs.  Perhaps you prefer to grade a comic for protection, for presentation or even investment we are just happy to help.   For a variety of reasons, our preferred grading partner at We Have Issues is CBCS; we feel that the following reasons make them a superior choice for your grading needs:

– Clean & clear protective plastic cases
– Fast turnaround times
– Accurate grading
– Competitive industry pricing
– Free grading notes
– Forensic signature verification
We typically submit a set of books for grading every 6 – 8 weeks.  Due to the exchange rate, shipping, and the age of the book you are submitting prices to tend to vary so please contact us with what comic you are interested in submitting and we can give you an estimated cost associated with this service.

Grading Inquiry