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Wednesday is the best day to pick up comics from the new comics section but We Have Issues offers an in-store subscription service.

How does the subscription service work?
It’s simple. After the terms of service is agreed to, we create a list of the comics (min requirement is 1 ongoing title) you want.  From that point forward, each future issue will be placed in your subscription file.

How long will We Have Issues hold my comics for?

Comics are held for subscription holders for a maximum of eight weeks. If the comics on hold can not be collected within the allotted time or if no contact with We Have Issues is made, the subscription subscription will be permanently closed and your file comics will be once again released to the wild.

How much does this service cost?
The Comics Subscription Service is absolutely free and requires no deposit. The only requirement is that you subscribe to a minimum of one ongoing comic series.

Does We Have Issues ship outside of Edmonton?
YES! We are happy to ship you your comics at a frequency of your choosing (weekly, monthly, etc.)

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